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Listen to our CEO, Holly Moore on the “Leadership – what’s on your mind” podcast.

“After watching Holly PIVOT in 2020 it was an absolute pleasure to host her on the podcast and for her to share her story from behind the scenes.

Holly Moore is the Founder and CEO of Make Events, a live events and brand communications agency. Over the last 8 years the business has grown significantly in terms of turnover and staff.

As the CEO of Make Events, Holly is responsible for the business strategy, vision and creative direction. Not only has she grown the business from scratch, but she has put together an incredibly talented team of event planning consultants and creative professionals. Holly loves finding out what makes a company or a brand tick, really getting under its skin and showcasing it in all its glory.

Holly is also the Director of HM Events which services her exclusive personal clients and is developing her own brand for coaching, speaking and mentoring.”