The client wanted full bespoke décor for an outdoor event and approached us once they had already booked a venue. They wanted to celebrate their success over the last 18 months as they had become the top Brioche bun In the UK and USA. Because of time restrictions, we had 3 days to develop our concepts and then a month to deliver.

In addition, due to the changes in lockdown restrictions, we had to find an alternative venue and move all the suppliers – negotiating cancellation charges and postponement fees.


We found the client an amazing new venue and managed to adapt the décor and entertainment solutions accordingly.

The switch to a fresh venue also gave us scope to use our own caterers, allowing us to develop a creative menu and so curate a more bespoke event.  We then managed the ever-changing landscape of Covid as attendee numbers went up and down.


To add a little bit of extra ‘wow’, branded bottles of Veuve Clicquot with branded fans and a cool bag were dropped in each guest’s room at the beginning of the event.


While the client was very keen to achieve a 100% attendance to due to the landscape of Covid, this was always going to be something of a challenge. Yet, even with changing rules, hesitancy, distancing and uncertainty, we managed to achieve 62% attendance. Because we planned everything carefully, step by step, we were well aware that attendance numbers would be challenging.

Therefore, we optimised the budget, so all food and beverages were allocated and used on the day, meaning that nothing went to waste.

The client was extremely pleased with the event – “You guys knocked It out the park, we can’t wait to work with you again.”