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Puma is a European multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories. They are the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. This event was for their European staff.


Puma approached Make Events to create an unforgettable corporate celebration for their 250 employees at Hilton, Deansgate. This is the third year that Make Events have produced this event at the same venue, so the challenge here was transforming the room to feel fresh and new.


Our event producers created a Manchester Christmas Market theme that was completely immersive. They took control of the design and logistics of the event.

Make Events managed all the design, print and decor to ensure the theme ran throughout; from the initial invitations on the employee’s desks to the magic touches in the room.

Long wooden tables ran through the centre of the Hilton Deansgate with a bespoke made Zippy on the stage surrounded by presents, one of which housed the DJ booth. Zippy is an iconic figure of the Manchester Christmas Markets and brought the theme to life.

Festoon lighting stretched across the room to the rear where the Christmas Markets stood. We built this structure bespoke, incorporating a themed bar and stalls that guests could interact with. These included; Puma branded hook a ‘trainer’ and a football shy. Interactive food stations lined the room and included a waffle bar, pic ‘n’ mix, a Bailey’s fountain with mini chocolate shot glasses and roasted chestnuts (which made the room smell incredible).

We provided sharing starters and desserts with individual mains. This meant that guests were able to use the activations, dance and not feel pressured to sit down for the whole 3-course meal.

A brass band weaved through the crowd and created the immersive vibe we wanted, ensuring no space was wasted within the room.

At Make Events we believe the event shouldn’t start and end on the day, so guests were given branded Puma Christmas Market mulled wine mugs and personalised name places to take away.


Due to the continued success of the event, there has been a 62% increase in employees invited since we took over this event in 2017, with attendees coming from across Europe to attend.