Event Profs Live, a networking group for Event Professionals setup by Event Professionals, contacted Make Events to produce their first familiarisation trip to Manchester. After following Make Events on social media, they recognised that we had the expertise and passion to deliver an amazing trip.

Whilst London is often believed to be the UK ‘capital’ for events, what’s starting to be recognized is that the City of Manchester offers many similar advantages and positive benefits as a location for national and international events.

We were tasked with showing Event Profs Live why Manchester is a great city for events…


It all began with the creative theme. Make Events created a bespoke event identity and logo. We designed a Manchester skyline logo in our branded colours and the identity ‘Manchester 48’ was proposed for its multiple meanings.

  • 48 hours in the city.
  • The number represents creative expression.
  • The number represents tried and tested techniques, creatively tweaking the methods for different results.
  • The number represents visual and auditory artistic expression.

The Make Events experience began before the guests arrived when they were sent a fully branded delegate pack in the post. This included an information booklet outlining the agenda for the weekend and other helpful information about the city; a luggage tag and two iPhone style designs highlighting our favourite Manchester podcasts and a QR code that linked to a bespoke Manchester playlist. We also sent a digital copy for any guests who would not be in their place of work to receive the parcel. You can read this here.

Make Events did site visits to each venue before the event to ensure everything was in place. This also included tastings and timing the specific journeys between venues. This attention to detail was crucial for the success of the event.

Swans Travel provided us with a VIP coach for the weekend to transport us around the city. We stocked the coach with branded water bottles, chewing gum and mints for the journeys around the city. There were wireless charging spots on board and we created a bespoke Manchester playlist for an immersive experience along the way.

At each venue, Make Events provided presentations of events we have produced there and how we can transform the space into something spectacular.


Make Events successfully showcased Manchester as the UK city for events. We put Manchester on the map for events outside of London and peppered the weekend with Magic Touches.