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Space Zero specialise in design and FFE in the education, commercial, healthcare and residential sector. They offer an end to end experience which begins with consultancy and modelling straight through to full interior design and specifications.


Having moved to their new offices earlier in the year, Space Zero decided to hold a live event to bring the space to life and inspire customers with their cutting edge office design. Their guests included executives from design and building companies across the world, as well as prospective clients.

With no original theme, this allowed Make Events to truly get under the skin of Space Zero’s brand and create an event as luxurious and modern as their interior design.

We wanted to replicate the little pockets of wow that Space Zero had seen at our previous events and keep guests entertained throughout the night.

Preparation involved looking into their style of interior design and visiting the offices. This ensured we truly understood their brand.


Guests were invited to “Leave Space Zero in their Diary” and as they entered the Zenith building, a branded footpath led them to Space Zero’s sleek offices. Guests were greeted by human ‘Living Lampshades’ – models dressed in Rose Gold Catsuits with branded lampshades covering their faces – the perfect fit for a commercial interior designer.

Make Events put forward a colour scheme of rose gold, as copper runs throughout their new offices. It was also key that the event felt high end and every aspect was thought of.

As a company, Space Zero are becoming more technologically advanced in their interior design. To fit with this, we suggested an iPad magician who uses mobile phones and tablets to perform his branded tricks.

The catering featured enthusiastic Oyster Shuckers, who took guests on a gastronomy adventure, serving the oysters before guest’s eyes gave an interesting and educational serve of this classic dish. They encouraged conversation and brought a unique experience to the event.

We needed to ensure that the food was as unique as the office space itself and so guests were served a fork garden – which featured a grass floor with dry ice and rose gold forks stood upright in the grass topped with a canapé. Food pairings are really on trend, so we served crispy taco cones paired with mini Mojitos; lamb hot pot pies and mini pints of beer, all served on varnished wooden boards to match the interior.

Desserts included rose gold macaroons.

As the event was on a Thursday night, we knew that some guests would not be drinking. We took this on board by making all cocktails the same with the addition of alcohol if the attendee wants it. We also brought in non-alcoholic gin to elevate the bar.

Prior to the event, Make Events did all the RSVP management and sent out reminders and invitations. We also engaged guests through social media to create real buzz about the event.


We took the pressure off throughout so they could relax and enjoy the evening. They praised the professionalism of the staff and how we got under the skin of the brand. They now can’t wait to hold next year’s, so watch this Space Zero!