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Vita provide luxury accommodation to (mostly overseas) students in 11 of the the major university towns in the UK. The accommodation is serviced and provides lots of value added services such as grab and go breakfast and 24/7 staff available.


Vita Students engaged with Make Events to professionally execute nine events for them across the UK at the same time on the same day. The events took place in Glasgow, Newcastle, Sheffield, York, Liverpool, Exeter, Bristol and Southampton at their sites.

There was a very short lead time, with the event contracting on the 8th September, the creative signed off on the 22nd September and the events taking place on the 29th September.

As a proposition, Vita aims to not only be student accommodation but also a place to be inspired during university life. By having a calendar of quality events, it adds value to the usual student experience.

The first challenge was to execute full site inspections in the 3 week lead time. Although the theme of Vita runs throughout each property, the space itself is very different. This meant that although all the events would have the same theme throughout, they could not logistically be identical.

Make Events conducted site visits to each location and evaluated each room before planning took place. This involved measuring their width and height, counting existing items and seeing what could be used on the evening. This took three full days between five people.


As time was of the essence, the theme needed to be quite generic and easy to roll out, so ‘Vita Carnival’ was decided on with a red and white brand identity throughout to run alongside the company branding.

Catering was provided across all sites and had to take in not only a multi-national demographic, but the fact that each site only had a small domestic kitchen to prepare from.

A full bar service was delivered from each site. We knew that some guests would not be drinking. We took this on board by making all cocktails the same with the addition of alcohol if the attendee wanted it.

The cocktails were made to be aesthetically pleasing and ‘Instagram worthy’. This meant they had to be as fun and creative as possible. We chose sweet flavours and garnished them with popcorn and cotton candy.

Entertainment included VR headset games, coconut shys, hoopla, car simulators, motorbike simulators, arcade games, light reaction games and a social media wall. These were visually stimulating games and also encourage interaction between new students.

Depending on the site logistics each venue either had a DJ or silent disco.

Glitter stations were busy all night, again feeding the selfie culture. As were various pop up Carnival entertainers such as contortionists, stilt walkers and crystal ball manipulators to name a few.

Make Events brought magic touches to the evening by incorporating red and white theming into entertainment and waiters’ costumes. Red bow ties, red braces, red and white table cloths and ring master costumes for the stilt walkers.

We provided full on site event management pre, during and post event. The team communicated across all nine sites throughout the day sharing useful information as it arose. As the event concluded at 11pm and de rig started, all sites communicated live feedback to one central hub for the client.


The client had set a target of an average of 50% attendance across all sites and achieved 54% attendance plus a guest attendance.

Feedback was it was the best event the company had ever put on.

They have booked Make Events to deliver another multiple site event but increased the sites to 11.

“Make Events did a fantastic job last night and produced the best events that we’ve ever hosted! Please thank the team!”

David, Vita Student Marketing Director