Team building events frequently get a bad press. Often they are misconceived, poorly planned and fail to take employee dynamics into account. But it doesn’t have to be like that, and that’s where we come in; devising fun and innovative new concepts, that are inclusive to everyone. Our gallery might inspire you.

Live or Virtual?

Will you hold your Team Building event face to face or host it as a virtual experience? Since the impact of COVID-19 on the events industry, we know that a percentage of live events will be replaced by virtual and hybrid. We are here to help you make that decision!

Team tactics

Our first step is to carefully consider your team. We’ll dream up fun and exciting activities that include and suit every member of staff. Are employees new to each other and simply need to get to know one another better? Do you have different departments that never mix and don’t understand each other’s values? Do you have an underperforming team that are working in silos, not wanting to share information with others? Whatever you need we can find a way to break down the barriers and get everyone talking.

Adding a fun factor

We’ll work alongside you to find out what you really want to achieve from your team building event. It might be improved communication, better problem solving skills, increased trust or more flexibility. A fun factor is also a must. We’ll then take into account the size of the teams and what’s feasible at your venue, creating bespoke activities where possible. Our current favourite is using breakout rooms to test the skill and decision-making ability of mixed teams.


Travel & Accommodation

Event design and planning

Delegate invites & registration

Brand reinforcement

Guest speakers & celebrities 

Team building activities 

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