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Event attendees are becoming increasingly health conscious. Gluten free, raw, vegetarian, vegan… the list continues. With the rise of Instagram encouraging delegates to share their food online, there is more reasons than ever to create healthy, bright and beautiful food that your delegates wouldn’t want to turn down.

Every year millions of people attend events with limited access to healthy food. Providing sugary, salty foods can limit your delegates’ attention span, increase restlessness and distractibility, all which means hampering focus and productivity in work.

A blog by the Huffington Post looked into how companies can get more out of their employees by serving healthy lunches. Spending money on food means that people are communicating, it increases employee satisfaction and it encourages team bonding.

Adding a touch of nutrition to your menu can really switch up the experience for your guests. Here are some ways to improve your delegate’s experience with healthy options for each meal of the day…

Treat your delegates to a colourful breakfast to enlighten their morning and prepare them for the rest of the day. When choosing a morning meal, a mix of carbohydrates, protein and fat will allow your body to get the fuel it needs to focus.

Breakfast Burrito – Quick and easy to make for your delegates who might be rushing to get to a panel or talk. The breakfast burrito can include a whole range of fillings – we suggest sweet potato, black bean, eggs and avocado. The protein from the eggs, bean and avo will keep you fuller for longer and the sweet potato keeps things a little more interesting!

Take a look at this article for more ideas on what to add into your burrito.

Acai Bowl – If you’ve been on Instagram in the last few years you’ll have seen these brightly coloured wonders popping up. An acai bowl is a thick smoothie that has been topped with oatmeal, seeds and fruit.

The acai berries are loaded with antioxidants, fibre and are relatively low in sugar compared to other berries. Try an acai station to allow delegates to add their own toppings to suit their preferences!

Try to avoid sandwiches, as adding carb to the day could leave your delegates in an afternoon slump. Nobody likes the idea of a salad; limp lettuce and bits of dry chicken cloud your vision. Push them out, not with these ideas!

Shaken Not Stirred Salad – Try sweetcorn, crushed tortilla chips, chicken, tomato, greens and a slither of BBQ sauce. Serve in a martini glass for an interesting twist. See the full recipe here.

The Power Salad – Add in protein packed treats like edamame and chickpeas alongside avocado, shallot and lime. See the full recipe here.

OR try a salad station so your delegates can choose which healthy ingredients they want to add to their lunch.

Smoothie Shots
Fill these quick drinks with healthy fruits and energy boosting ingredients to keep your delegates going until dinner.

Banana pops
An alternative to cake pops and super easy to make. Pop a banana on the end of a lollipop stick, cover it in chocolate sauce and dip in crushed almonds, 100s and 1000s, fudge chunks or toasted coconuts (or whatever takes your fancy!)

A seafood starter
Fatty acids such as Omega-3 (which are found in oily fish) help build myelin in your body, which is needed to insulate the nerve fibres that send messages between brain cells to keep you active. Trade the traditional prawn cocktail, which carries calories in its dressing and try smoked salmon or oysters.

A fresh roast with a twist
Try oak smoked lamb or marinated chicken with large sharing bowls for salad for everyone to pass around and dig in. Quinoa, roasted cauliflower and hazelnuts, roasted sweet potatoes in a honey and lemon dressing works so well. For an added twist, choose one member of the table as the designated meat carver, add a branded apron to enhance the delegate experience whilst also keeping the meat warm!

Swap Caffeine for H20
Coffee, coffee and more coffee. This warm, delicious beverage is what keeps most of us going throughout the day. But, if you keep your body hydrated with water, you are more likely to feel better and have more energy. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the best choice of beverage first thing in the morning is a tall glass of water; as 60% of the human body is water, we are likely to become fatigued when this dips.

‘Healthier’ Alcohol
Gluten free wine, light beer and low calorie soda mixes will appeal to your delegates with food allergies, as this is usually forgotten about with drinks. Try a gin bar with extra fresh fruits to add into the mix. Skinny Prosecco is also an option – it is gluten free, organic and vegan.

Has this made you hungry? Take a look at our catering gallery to see what we can provide for your next corporate event! Or get in touch to see what we can create for you.

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