Make Events | Events Company Manchester | Holly

Holly Moore


Holly is responsible for the business strategy, vision and creative direction. Not only has she grown the business from scratch, but she has put together an incredibly talented team of event planning consultants and creative professionals. Holly loves finding out what makes a company or a brand tick, really getting under its skin and showcasing it in all its glory.

Make Events | Brand Management, Corporate and Virtual Events Company | Nick

Nick Burrows


Nick is responsible for the operational running of the agency. This includes everything from ensuring our teams proposals exceed our clients expectations, we deliver first class executions on time, on budget, every time and our people achieve their individual goals. He is passionate about helping companies and individuals succeed by creating clear objectives and measuring success.

Make Events | Events Company Manchester | Staff

Heather Ridge


Heather is responsible for creating, planning and executing live and virtual events – keeping her finger on the pulse of all the latest trends in venues, food and entertainment. She loves seeing an event come together knows that confidence and a smile goes a long way, making guests feel instantly at home. She knows the value of pre-event communications, engaging and energising guests ahead of time.

Make Events | Brand Management, Corporate and Virtual Events Company | Paighton

Paighton Moran


Paighton’s main goal is to make people happy. She is passionate about events and thrives off meeting new people, visiting new places and building strong relationships with every person she meets. Whether it is helping on the event process or searching for a venue, Paighton always ensures the client’s experience is beyond what they imagined every time.

Make Events | Brand Management, Corporate and Virtual Events Company | Rosie

Rosie Griffin


Rosie prides herself in creating events that leave guests in wonder. Planning an event the client has dreamed of dreamed of and more! Rosie and the team at HM Events love to have fun and their passion and imagination shine through to their creations, as we always go the extra mile, turning the vision into a memory to never forget.

Make Events | Brand Management, Corporate and Virtual Events Company | Benn

Ben McCarthy


Ben is responsible for planning live events from start to finish with a background of delivering large-scale events for an array of clients. He loves researching upcoming trends to ensure the events he delivers are cutting-edge and a point of conversation. Ben is a firm believer that all events, regardless of the size, should provide an experience like no other with all details considered and executed.

Make Events | Corporate and Virtual Events Company Manchester | Mark

Mark Leeming


Mark is first and foremost a creative storyteller and loves to combine his skillset to engage an audience. Mark recognises the integral role of creative content in defining the proposition and service offering of Make Events. The work he creates is always fresh and unique and he thrives off delivering the ultimate experience for our clients.

Make Events | Corporate and Virtual Events Company Manchester | Elliot

Elliot Garner


Elliot's work ethic is accustomed to working in a fast-paced environment juggling a broad range of corporate jobs and is experienced in working with some very established client names. His unique ability to be flexible in his approach makes him the perfect fit, creating design collateral that blends both digital, print and live experiences.

Make Events | Events Company Manchester | Helen

Helen Sanders


Helen is responsible for shaping and defining the creative approach for our live and virtual events. With over 15 years experience delivering events for internationally recognised brands, her passion is to never stop creating. Be bold, engage with your audiences, spread your message but ultimately evoke an emotional response.

Make Events | Brand Management, Corporate and Virtual Events Company | Joel

Joel Bennett


Joel works with our clients on producing events to the highest quality. He supports with all stages of planning including creative event proposals, logistics and research. Joel works on events with the team and loves to see the event come together and ensures the client and everyone watching at home has a great experience from start to finish.