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Holly Moore


As the Managing Director of Make Events, Holly is responsible for the business strategy, vision and creative direction. Not only has she grown the business from scratch, but she has put together an incredibly talented team of event planning consultants and creative professionals.
Holly loves finding out what makes a company or a brand tick, really getting under its skin and showcasing it in all its glory.

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Alex Morrisroe


Alex is responsible for building new client relationships and increasing awareness and advocacy in the Make Events brand. He takes a consultative approach with clients to understand their business objectives and values whilst working with the team to develop creative solutions that meet the requirements and demonstrate a return on investment.

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Philippa Cassidy


Philippa is responsible for creating the ultimate experience for not just our fabulous clients but importantly also for our employees, venues and suppliers. Working closely with all key stakeholders, Philippa ensures creative and operational success are achieved whilst driving back to the strategic objectives and defined return on investment we put in place for all our events.

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Helen Ellis


Helen is brimming with creative ideas, whether its bespoke projection content, weaving a brand into an event theme or suggesting inspiring speakers to embed a message.
She takes her inspiration from the hundreds of events she's produced or attended, citing the groundbreaking light show at a Muse gig as particularly visionary.

Make Events | Corporate Events Company Manchester | Team

Heather Snape


Heather is responsible for creating, designing, planning and executing events – keeping her finger on the pulse of all the latest trends in venues, food and entertainment. She loves seeing an event come together knows that confidence and a smile goes a long way, making guests feel instantly at home. She knows the value of pre-event communications, engaging and energising guests ahead of time.

Make Events | Corporate Events Company Manchester | Team

Laura Jacobs


Our venue finding guru, Laura is all about discovering venues that tick every box to deliver what a client is looking for. She believes the best events are where the organiser can relax in the knowledge that everything is taken care of.
She's also an expert at spotting the venues who share the same values at Make Events, where staff are well trained, helpful and where creative ideas can be turned into reality.

Make Events | Corporate Events Company Manchester | Team

Clare Spieler


Clare is an events and PR expert. She is responsible for creating, planning and producing events ranging from themed corporate employee engagement events to conferences. Clare is an avid traveller and party goer, she is always way ahead of the trends and is great at adding her experiences into her events.

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Keeley Flower


Keeley is responsible for a wide spectrum of producing, from small dinners right through to conferences with hundreds of attendees. With experience that spans over 15 years, Keeley loves the logistics, taking the pressure off the clients and seeing them be able to enjoy the event too.

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Emily Hume


Emily thrives off delivering an exceptional experience and making sure the event puts a smile on all guests faces. She works hard supporting the Event Producers, tying together our superstar suppliers, searching for the most innovative solutions for the event and making sure that clients have a great time in both pre and post event, not just on the day.

Make Events | Corporate Events Company Manchester | Team

Faye Smallwood


Faye works hard behind the scenes, researching and liaising with suppliers and pulling together fabulous audience experiences. Faye is all about the detail. Remembering a client’s favourite drink and making sure that the venue is well-stocked with it on the night, are the little touches that make a big difference.

Make Events | Corporate Events Company Manchester | Team

Martin Moore


Martin is responsible for the creative input into the visualisation of events, print and design work. He has 15+ years experience in graphic design and communication design.
To Martin it’s all about smiling and caring about what you do. He always wants to make sure the client gets everything that they ask for.

Make Events | Corporate Events Company Manchester | Team

Lucy Fegan


Social Media savvy Lucy is Make Events’ marketing executive. Lucy’s day consists of keeping our website ticking, writing our social media posts and working on the next marketing campaign. Coming from a media background, Lucy brings a fresh pair of eyes to the team and the ability to share the intricacies of events in creative and engaging way.

Make Events | Corporate Events Company Manchester | Team

Tim Hoare


Tim comes from a hospitality background with over 10 years’ experience managing and owning restaurants. He thrives on challenges and always finds solutions, not problems. He will always be attentive to the clients and guests making sure that all of their needs are catered for.

Make Events | Corporate Events Company Manchester | Team

Charlotte Russell


Charlotte keeps the Venue Finding team ticking behind the scenes. Previously a professional dancer, she has travelled across various parts of the world exploring a number of foreign locations as well and booking and performing at various UK venues. She has always had a strong desire to work in events and learnt invaluable skills during her experience at the agency.

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Suzanne Lawler


Sue has worked in the events and hospitality industry for 17 years. Starting at a venue in 2000, she met Holly Moore. When Holly was looking for her first employee she looked no further than Sue who had already proved herself as a trusted support.
Sue now has over 5 years’ experience at Make Events and is the office library in terms of remembering each event we have ever delivered.


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