When planning an event we always start with the venue. Everything else flows from there. We like to find venues that will get everyone talking. We’re all about converted monasteries and urban warehouses, using quirky spaces that provide us with a blank canvas and really get our creative juices flowing.

Event planning means really understanding a client’s objectives and identifying exactly what they want guests to get out of an event. Do they want delegates to engage with company strategy, get excited about a new brand launch, achieve sales targets or simply get to know them better? By really digging into our clients’ brands, we can deliver events that educate and motivate the audience and celebrate achievements.

The difference is in the detail

We usually plan to a theme, blending client objectives with corporate brand values to create exciting and memorable events. As event specialists we know exactly what makes an event successful and have strong eye for the tiny details that make all the difference. Cheshire company, Citation, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with a nineties festival. We took guests back to where it all started with themed food, music, games and entertainment, even flying the legendary Chesney Hawkes in from LA to sing The One and Only.

“Every team member exceeded my expectations in terms of their time, effort and commitment to delivering the best event. They were extraordinary.”

Making every moment count

So what sets us apart from the competition and makes our event planning unique? Well, it’s all about the magic touches. And making every moment count. Nobody else considers the audience experience at every step quite like we do. The best events require obsessive attention, logistical planning and precise organisation, and we have all of this by the bucket load. We walk through each event, experiencing the audience journey, making improvements and using unparalleled creative thinking to overcome potential pitfalls. What’s it like to arrive at the venue? Can drab corridors be dressed up? How do we ensure glasses are kept topped up?

Ban the buffet

And then there’s the food. We want your guests oohing and aahing over what they eat, not pushing it around their plates. So we make sure that it’s imaginative and delicious. No more boring buffets. Donut wall? Mashed potato bar? Whatever you want, you’ve got it!

Looking at the bigger picture

We like to consider how the setting can really help to get the client message across. What’s the layout of the breakout rooms? Would beanbags work better than chairs and make guests feel more relaxed? How can we make sure that delegates sitting at the back of the room can see and hear just as well those on the front row? How can we create the ultimate audience experience and stop people nodding off at the back?

These are questions that we ask ourselves before every event and form a vital part of our event planning. From virtual reality headsets through to motivational speakers, on-trend food stations and the best sound and lighting in the business, we’re confident we will achieve your event objectives. By adding creative flourishes that you haven’t yet imagined and delivering them with super-human efficiency, no one will fall asleep to PowerPoint on our watch.

By pre-empting problems, we will always find the answer.
That’s a promise.